Numerous domestic activities occur in the kitchen, including cooking, washing, dining, drinking, and socialising. This is why design studios in Singapore ensure that a kitchen is attractive yet functional. Regardless of the design style of your kitchen, organisation and layout are essential elements. Take a look at these 5 errors to avoid and suggestions to try so that you can create a functional and elegant kitchen design in Singapore.

1. Insufficient Counter Space

One of the most common kitchen design complaints is the absence of counter space. Seeing that all kitchen activities require a countertop and perpetually installed appliances, you want to maximise the amount of available horizontal space in a kitchen. L-shaped kitchens are easily modified by adding an island or breakfast bar.

2. Unutilised Storage

Kitchens typically contain a lot of items. In addition, items hidden behind kitchen cabinets may have an unusual shape and require additional space such as food processors and stand mixers. As a result, it can be difficult to store your appliances while keeping them readily accessible.

Inadequate storage is a significant design flaw because built-ins are costly, and the overall dimension of the area may be limited. However, even in tiny kitchens, wasteful space can be minimised with careful kitchen design.

Consider installing extra-long upper cabinets with moulding in a compact kitchen to increase storage space. Place illumination or vegetation along the trim to draw the eye upwards. Install cabinets always above the refrigerator. This area wastes storage space for large or seasonal household items if it is not utilised. Install shelves across the lower backs of the kitchen cabinet to conclude. 

3. Ignoring the Backsplash

The backsplash is often overlooked when budgeting or designing a new kitchen or renovation. Or, even worse, it is completely omitted from the plan. This may save you money now, but it will cost you a great deal of time and effort in the long run.

Consider all the steam, water and oil in the kitchen, and you’ll see why installing a backsplash above the hob and countertops is a clever way to maintain a clean kitchen. A tile, metal, or plastic backsplash is much simpler to clean than paint or wallpaper.

4. Poor Ventilation

In the presence of noxious culinary odours, even the most sophisticated kitchen design is rendered ineffective. If you’ve ever strolled into someone’s home and detected the residual odour of last night’s fish, you’ll appreciate the importance of proper ventilation.

Inexpensive range hoods will circulate dirty, stale air, whereas a quality ventilation system will enhance the interior air quality. It also contributes to the cleanliness of your kitchen and the longevity of your appliances.

A decent ventilation system can be an expensive investment, but it makes cooking and dining more enjoyable, particularly if your kitchen is open to the living room or family room.

5. Excessively Trendy

Although it is not inherently an error, the newest kitchen trends and the most expensive appliances may not be the best options. The lifespan of trendy colours and patterns is brief, and you may never see a return on your substantial investment in the newest kitchenware. Instead, look for innovations and appliances for the kitchen that are timeless.