When you plan your kitchen’s interiors, you may think about colours, cabinets, countertops, and appliances. Picking the right kind of tiles to install may not be your main priority. But because the kitchen is the busiest room in your house, you should take extra care when you plan your kitchen’s décor. 

When you pick the right tiles for your kitchen from a Club Ceramic tiles supplier, there are a lot of stunning options you can explore on the market. But you should pick a supplier who can provide you with insights into the various kinds of tiles available along with some recommendations. To ensure you don’t make a wrong purchase, consider the following first:

Kinds of Tiles

If you are on the market for tiles, the following are some of the famous options you may come across with:

  • Ceramic tiles. These are durable tiles that you can use in any area in your house such as the bathroom and kitchen. They are easy to clean and maintain as well as available in various designs and styles. 
  • Porcelain tiles. These tiles can look exactly like wood, natural stone, or wood. They come with great finishes and can be easily maintained. You can pick from an array of design and colour options. Due to the strength and durability of these tiles, you can install them outdoors.
  • Glass tiles. These stain-resistant tiles have a minimalistic and clean finish, which offers your house a sophisticated look. But these tiles can chip off easily at the edges, which means they are not ideal in high-traffic spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms.  
  • Marble tiles. These are expensive tiles that can add a sophisticated touch to a room. These tiles can be placed in the bathroom or kitchen due to their excellent textures and designs that make every piece different. But marble tiles are prone to scratches and stains.

Things to Keep in Mind

When you pick tiles for your home, think about where you will install the tiles. For your kitchen, ensure you get strong and durable tiles since it is a high-traffic area. Also, pick tiles that do not scratch or fade even when you clean them regularly.

Another important consideration is your kitchen’s style and layout. Whether you want to have a modern or contemporary kitchen style, you can find tiles that fit your preference and taste. Ensure you consider the size of the space you want to be tiled. Bigger tiles can make a room look bigger.