As most individuals do not have enough money saved up to buy a house outright, it is not unusual to have a home loan. But, the issue still stands: can a home be sold with a mortgage still outstanding, and if so, how does it work?

When a mortgage is present, does it prevent a home from being sold?

Yes. You may still sell your property even if you have a mortgage balance due. The proceeds from the sale of your home may be used towards the principal balance of your mortgage and any closing costs you may incur.  So can you sell a house with a mortgage?

Ways to Get Out From Under a Mortgage and Sell Your Home

It’s normal practise to finish paying off a mortgage at the same time as selling a property. Here’s how it works:

Determine Your Current Loan Amount

You should start by determining how much of your debt is still owing. Having a rough idea of how much money you’ll need to send your mortgage lender in order to pay off your debt after selling your home will help you plan ahead. A mortgage must be paid in full prior to selling a home. The asking price of your home should be high enough that you can afford to make mortgage payments in a timely manner.

You have greater equity in your house if this figure is less than the entire amount you originally borrowed to purchase it. Home equity is defined as the worth of your house less the balance of any mortgages or loans secured by it. Knowing how much equity you have in your home is crucial, since this will determine how much money you will be able to make from the sale of your home after the mortgage has been paid off.

  • The amount of equity in a customer’s home may be verified by logging into their Rocket Mortgage account.
  • A home equity widget is available.
  • Check the market to see whether now is a good time to sell your house.

As everyone’s situation is different, answering the question of when is the optimum time to sell anything is challenging. A number of crucial factors include:

Why are you making this big of a change? For example, if you’re moving for a new job, you could be in a hurry to get settled in, as opposed to someone who’s downsizing or selling in a hot real estate market. If you are moving to take advantage of the current healthy housing market, consider the following.


What niche are you aiming to make in with this house? A market that is favourable to buyers has a wide advantage over one that is favourable to sellers. Because of the high level of competition and the limited number of available homes in the area, you should be able to command a greater price for your home than you would in a less competitive market. Your real estate agent could provide you access to a comparative market analysis, which is a great resource.