Insects that feed off of people’s and animals’ blood are called bed bugs. Sleeping with bed bugs can turn your peaceful night into a nightmare. Those unwelcome guests might have made their way to Cedar Rapids, Iowa. But don’t worry! You can eliminate those bothersome bed bugs with D&R Pest Control Company’s effective and reliable services.

Safe and effective treatments:

D&R Pest Control Company uses a secure and environmentally friendly method to get rid of bed bugs in Cedar Rapids. In addition to being quite successful, these treatments are also made to reduce any risks to your family, including any pets, from them.

Preventive measures:

D&R Pest Control will not only eradicate existing bed bugs but will also provide you with preventative measures to prevent future infestations. Their advice will help you keep your home free from pests, specifically bed bugs in Cedar Rapids. They will give you practical tips to prevent bed bugs for a long time.

The process

Call D&R Pest Control as soon as you suspect bed bugs are present in your house. There will be an inspection to see whether there are bed bugs and to count them. Based on the assessment results, a unique treatment plan will be created.


Bed bugs in Cedar Rapids can disturb you and irritate your skin. Once inside your home, the insects can swiftly multiply, making it difficult to eliminate them without a professional’s assistance. Even though bed bugs are a common problem in Cedar Rapids, D&R Pest Control Company can help you eliminate them so you can stop worrying about these irritating pests while you sleep.