Inside-outside living is enjoying a prolonged period in the spotlight when it comes to interior design and hoe design – with more homeowners than ever before seeking innovative and creative ways of opening out their inside living spaces to create cohesion between them and the garden beyond.

While decking and patios have previously been considered the optimum flooring layout for such living concepts and designs, we believe that our artificial grass in Chelmsford is more than up to the job of creating design-friendly, accessible, and enticing outdoor spaces to blend with your interior style.

Why we love artificial grass 

Artificial grass offers a way of presenting a perfect lawn all year round, unaffected by adverse weather conditions or by the distinct lack of time that can so often lead to unruly gardens and outside spaces.

An ideal solution for the kind of outdoor space that you want to spend time in on a regular basis, artificial grass is effortlessly attractive and boasts an authentic texture which makes it both look and feel exactly like the real deal. Best of all, it couldn’t be easier to install in your garden with the help of a company like Luux Landscapes.

Artificial grass as part of your inside-outside design scheme 

So, how do you make artificial grass work as part of a broader design scheme, uniting the inside and outside spaces of your home?

For many homeowners, inside-outside living is a way of maximising the amount of space that can be used – not only offering more in the way of floor space for entertaining during the warm summer months, but also leaning heavily on natural light to brighten inside spaces and make them feel open and bigger.

Inside-outside living is also more rustic, with artificial grass boasting the kind of aesthetic which is reminiscent of wild gardens and rural settings which are attractive but which tick the boxes that so many homeowners are looking for in their garden – keeping it as natural as possible. Able to be furnished with any outdoor furniture and surrounded by flower beds, potted plants, or wild trees and hedgerows, artificial grass is a blank canvas upon which you can construct and design your perfect outside space with ease and creativity – making it a much more versatile and softer solution than patio or decking.

 Tips for making the most of your inside-outside living space 

If you’re lucky enough to be able to open out your living space or home to benefit from access to your garden or outside space, here are a few ways to maximise the effect:

  • Bring the outside in, by pairing your artificial lawn with complimenting potted indoor plants by the doors and throughout your home interior.
  • Bring the inside out, with furnishings which match or compliment your interior furniture and inside colour schemes. Outdoor rugs can be another great way of softening the look of your outside space and creating cohesion between it and your interior space.

Find out more about artificial grass and bring your inside-outside styling dreams to life, with the help of Luux Landscapes.