5. Bitton

The village of Bitton is in the southeastern region of South Gloucestershire. It is close to the river Boyd and it is on the eastern side of Greater Bristol. Almost 10,000 people live in Bitton and it is surrounded by places such as Willsbridge, North Common, Oldland Common, Beach, Upton Chenney and Swineford. The town spans the A431 road which provides access to places such as Kelston and Willsbridge. The town is also home to the heritage Avon Valley Railway which is on the premises of the Bitton Railway station. Hikers in the region are familiar with the National Cycle Network Bristol & Bath Railway path which follows alongside the railway. Properties in the region will cost as much as £1.4 million to a company which buys properties quickly.

4. Leigh Woods

There is a 2 km² area of woodland on the southwestern side of the Avon Gorge which is known as Leigh Woods. All of this is very close to the Clifton Suspension Bridge in the North Somerset region. It is also close to the city of Bristol as well Aston Court estate. There was a hillfort in the region known as Stokeleigh Camp which has been occupied in the time between the 300 and 100 BC and there is also speculation that there were also settlements during the Middle Ages. Most of these mentioned places lies within a reserve next to the Nightingale Valley. Beautiful upmarket properties are available for around £1.5 million.

3. Clifton

Clifton is known for its streets which is lined with luxurious Georgian townhouses. There are also kinky indie shops and various upscale boutiques. People will also find a variety of restaurants and busy bars particularly around Whiteladies road. This is an area frequented by students as well as by the local populace. There is also Clifton Down which has become synonym with kite-flying. Another notable attraction is the Bristol Zoo Gardens which is home to animals such as meerkats and gorillas. There is also the Avon Gorge which can be crossed by using the Brunel’s landmark Clifton Suspension Bridge. Properties sell for around £1.7 million.

2. Frenchay

In the County of South Gloucestershire there is the village of Frenchay. It is one of the outlying areas on the northeast side of the city of Bristol. First mention was made of Frenchay in 1257 but the name which was used then was Fromscawe which later changed to Fromeshaw. This simply means the wood on the Frome. Frenchay lies in an area between the wooded River Frome Valley and the B4058 road. Two sizable religious organizations operate here such as St John the Baptist and the Anglican Church. There are many 18th-century houses in the town most of which was built by affluent Quaker families. Some of the more interesting properties is places such as Frenchay Common House, Bradford’s House and an old Rectory. Properties can cost around £1.8 million.

1. Canynge Square

The triangular Canynge Square lies in Clifton which itself is an inner suburb of the English port city of Bristol. It has become home to some of the most sought-after properties in the county of Bristol. There are other notable places in the region such as the majestic Royal York Crescent which provides a lovely view over the Bristol docks. Berkeley Crescent and Berkeley Square also must be mentioned which were constructed in the late 1700’s. These are excellent examples of Georgian architecture. One of the more secluded places in Bristol is Canynge Square which is one of the primary reasons why the properties in this square are sought after commodities. People can expect to pay as much as £2 million for real estate in Bristol.