There are a few things you can do to add a bit of glamour and comfort to your back garden this summer and beyond. From adding luxury garden sheds into your mind, creating a new sitting area with tables and chairs, or adding the luxury fire pit table that brings all the family round the fire, it helps you to create that cosy and familiar ambience that gives you and the family the best time together outside.

Getting the family together

We all love a bit of family time. Whether it’s a casual couple of drinks with your parents in the backyard, or you’ve got all your cousins and all the young children round for a big celebration and party, having somewhere in the back garden where you can all sit around the fire comfortable is a blessing. A fire pit table transforms the space, creating a focal point for entertaining your family.

The benefits of a fire pit table for all the family

All the family can gather round the fire pit, sit on the comfortable cushioned seats and take in the flames as they relax together. Here are some of the benefits:

Get warm and cosy

An outdoor fire pit table with sofas around it provides you with the perfect setting to cuddle up together warm and cosy around the fire. For a chilly autumn night, or those late summer nights when you get that slight chill in the clear air, there is a strong heat level that emanates from the fire pit, keeping you warm long into the night.

Simple installation

The best suppliers of fire pit tables know how important it is to help with installation where required, although the installation process is pretty straightforward if you want to do it yourself. You should always choose the specific location of the fire pit table carefully, so that it isn’t out in an area of the patio or garden exposed to high winds or where there are trees with low-hanging branches that could interfere with the fire pit.

Flexible garden furniture

As well as offering comfort around the fire pit with the family, the seating and cushions around the table can be used for different purposes, as can the fire pit table itself. For instance, if it’s not turned on, you can use the table as a dining table, as a place to put the drinks when you have people round, or your playing surface for a game of cards with the family.

Complete the garden aesthetic

The fire pit table you choose could become that finishing touch to your garden décor, the centrepiece of your yard or patio that draws the eye in and becomes the heart of your outdoor space, all year round.

A fire pit table means that you can stay out in the garden long into the summer nights, when you are entertaining guests, family members, neighbours and friends. When the sun goes down, it doesn’t mean the party has to stop. Equally, a fire pit table gives you the comfortable seating, light, and heat that means if you want to entertain on a cold, crisp night in the autumn when the weather is good, you can do so without fear of it being too dark and cold outside for your party. Having this setting in your back garden really can transform the space and make it an extension of your home, where you sit and tell stories, drink, eat together, and play games with your family.