Did you know that the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requires you to employ a certified Fire Watch Guard if you own a property, manage a construction site, run a special event, or operate a commercial establishment where people come and go frequently?

Although this is an essential safety requirement, it can present challenges for business owners, managers, and owners: How can I hire a group of trained fire watch guards who are certified? What kind of service should I inquire about? How much will it set you back?

All of these questions can be answered by Fire Watch Patrol Co. Fire Watch Patrol is a company that specializes in providing fire watch guards for a wide range of settings. It was founded and is run by retired firefighters: special events, office buildings, commercial sites, construction sites, and more…

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What kind of security services fire watch guards can provide?

Every floor and area of the building or construction site is supervised by fire watch guards;

They supervise and immediately report any safety issues. If any safety issues arise, they can contact the authorities;

They communicate frequently with you and your employees.

They inspect and maintain each walkway to ensure that it is permanently free of obstructions.

They fill out all required fire logs.


You won’t have to worry about paperwork with our company, at least when it comes to fire watch and patrol services. Fireguards complete all required logs for the Fire Marshall after each service. You are aware that fire watch guard is a matter of safety as well as bureaucracy: To operate your activity, remain open, and welcome visitors to your facilities, you must have all the necessary paperwork.

When do I need to hire fire watch guards?:

It is always advisable to hire a fire watch guard in advance so that Fire Watch Patrol Co can evaluate your requirements and provide an estimate. However, one of our company’s most significant advantages is our emergency service. Within four hours, we can send fire watch guards where they are needed.

Fire Watch Guards: what is their job?

Fire Watch at a Construction Site Construction sites can be dangerous, especially if no one has been specifically trained to move and behave in such a setting. Fire watch at construction sites aims to prevent problems and reduce risks.

Special events

When there are a lot of people coming and going to special events, the environment can become more dangerous because so many people are there. If walkways aren’t kept clean, a small problem can grow into a big one. That, as well as any risk or emergency, is taken care of by fire watch guards.

Hot work

Experts in hot work can safeguard equipment and vulnerable properties. This ensures that everyone in the buildings is always safe, even if there are fire hazards or other risks.


Fire watch guards also serve as dispensary attendants when required.