When it comes to home decoration, using carpets in the area is an expressive way to do so. However, it can be a bit intimidating if you have never used rugs or carpets as decoration. Many carpet decorators for the first time may feel nervous that they will not make the right decision on a carpet. If you are decorating a larger room, large carpets can begin to be expensive, depending on the quality and material of the carpet. Therefore, it is a good idea to do a small research to help with the selection process.

A rug is not wall by wall

One of the best advantages of area rugs is its ability to add another level of decoration to the room. Therefore, a rug should not be used to cover the entire floor. The rug is a much better option if you want to follow that route. As a general rule, you want a floor exposed around all the borders of the rug, including the strip. Experts suggest at least eight inches. Anything except tends to confuse the eye and reduce the effect of a good carpet. Take some room measures before buying and simply subtract the desired amount.

Make a ‘dry race’ in the placement of the rug

This is an easy technique to approximate ​​how the carpet will sit in a room before buying it. All you need is a tape measure, four pieces of paper and some tape. Use the paper to represent the four corners of an imaginary carpet. Take at least eight-inch wall measures and paste a piece of paper. Repeat this process until the four pieces are instead on the floor. Once finished, it will have an approximate contour of the space that the rug will occupy.

Use a rug as a focal point

If you intend that the rug is the main attraction of the room decoration, the big carpets are your best option. They are also a very profitable way of covering an unstretched floor until the floor can be restored. Do not worry too much about visitors who see the terrible floor around the rug. The rug itself will attract the eye and its guests will not even notice anything else. In fact, most people will only comment on how beautiful the rug is.

Color and design

With the varieties of available tones and patterns, this step will be mainly a matter of personal preference. Therefore, it is one of the most pleasant aspects of rug purchases. There are some basic rules, such as clearer colors, and a room that seems brighter and larger. The darkest colors will make the room seem warmer and cozy. You can take a photo of the room you are decorating with you to help see if any rug you like will work well in the room.