Porcelain tiles are created at a higher temperature than ceramic tiles, which normally burn at lower temperatures. Additional than being very dense and resistant to water, porcelain tiles have a number of other advantages due of its unique fire process.

Due to the higher quality of the materials used, porcelain tiles may last up to three times as long as ceramic tiles. Even if ceramic tiles don’t have the same thickness as stone tiles, they nonetheless command a greater price. Stone tiles, on the other hand, are more susceptible to water damage.

Porcelain tiles command a high price, but they’re worth every penny when you consider the many advantages they provide to your next home renovation project. With Ceramique au Sommet you can now expect the best.

In-House Use: Resilient and Long-Lasting

As previously said, porcelain tiles are more durable than ceramic ones, but they are not as long-lasting as stone tiles. If you’re searching for ceramic tiles that can survive some wear and tear, this is a good option. Depending on the durability rating, your porcelain tile may last anywhere from 15 to 20 years. Investing in this product is a smart move. If it obtains a good rating, it may potentially endure for half a century. Ceramic tile may vary greatly in quality, but it cannot compare to the long-lasting quality of stone. This grey stone tile is far more durable than porcelain since the colour is ingrained in the stone. There is just a limited selection of colours to choose from when it comes to porcelain.

It’s a piece of cake to maintain

Porcelain tiles do not need to be treated to be as stain resistant as stone floors since they do not accumulate spills or stains. But a mop or sweep is all that is required to make any surface seem brand new. Because of this, many individuals choose porcelain or stone tiles over carpet as a floor covering. Who wouldn’t want one in a kitchen with stone-like porcelain flooring? It wouldn’t take long to get everything back to normal!

Improved Sanitation

Carpets and laminates are viewed as less sanitary than porcelain or stone tiles since they are the most frequent floor coverings. Carpets and laminate floors collect a lot of dirt and moisture, making it more difficult to keep them clean. Porcelain tiles can be cleaned with even the most powerful cleaning agents because of its longevity and resilience to common home chemicals. A modern bathroom should use green and beige porcelain tile to provide the illusion of cleanliness.