Washington, DC, is a vibrant city full of excitement, culture, and history. Known for its distinct neighborhoods, iconic landmarks, and famous attractions, it is easy to believe that you have seen all Washington has to offer. But like any iconic city, the area is home to some hidden gems that make it all the more interesting. Here is a review of some little-known neighborhoods, establishments, and attractions that make Washington, DC, the best place to call home.

Washington DC Real Estate Neighborhoods

Many of Washington DC’s popular neighborhoods are well-known for a reason. They offer some of the most beautiful architecture and history in the United States. However, there is much to enjoy in some lesser-known DC neighborhoods. If you are one for hidden treasures, ask Washington DC real estate experts The McKenna Group to help you explore the following areas.

Ivy City 

Ivy City has made remarkable strides from where it was a few years ago. The small neighborhood was initially built as an African-American subdivision after the Civil War. Many years later, the old warehouses have been developed into homes and commercial spaces. The town is also home to some of the best distilleries, breweries, and restaurants in DC.


Affectionately known as Little Rome, Brookland boasts the Arts Walk at Monroe Street Market, Catholic University, and many fun dining establishments, including a French Bistro. The undiscovered locality has been growing more popular by the day, attracting retailers, restaurants, and artistic studios.


Swampoodle is nestled between NoMa and Union Station. The former marsh area was not a popular DC neighborhood a few years ago but now boasts some of the city’s best and most diverse architecture. With a long history itself, Swampoodle is home to homes built as early as the 1800s. You can get everything from grand Victorian mansions to charming Craftsman-style homes.

Living in Washington DC: Hidden Attractions

But Washington DC is about more than its residential neighborhoods. The city is also home to some iconic attractions whose hidden gem status makes them a true joy to behold. While living here, make sure to explore the following DC treasures:

MOB Vintage

If you love all things old, you will love MOB Vintage. The charming row of antique and vintage shops sells everything vintage, from clothes and utensils to Mid-Century Modern décor and furniture.

Cafe Cino

Adams Morgan has many charms, but Cafe Cino is one of its best-kept secrets. The charming café is nestled inside PLNTR, an equally beautiful plant shop. Here, you can enjoy some of the best coffee in all of DC.

Filene Center

If you like art, Filene Center is the place to be. Located at Wolf Trap Center for Performing Arts, the peaceful outdoor spot is home to some of the best artists in the area.

The Blind Whino

History buffs will enjoy The Blind Whino. This historical landmark and cultural house was once a church Built in 1886; it has since been repurposed into a local art center, where visitors can attend concerts and events, take in new art, and more.

Consult a Washington DC Real Estate Agent Desmond McKenna

There is no shortage of things to enjoy in Washington, DC, and the best way to get your fill of this iconic city is to move here. Desmond McKenna has 11 years of experience in DC real estate. With his expertise, love for the city, and commitment to excellence, you can be assured of the home of your dreams. Call his office today to set an appointment and learn more about DC and its many hidden treasures.