Panel blinds are another great option for your sliding glass doors. A modern take on the classic vertical blinds that many of us know and love, panel blinds work similarly but have a slightly different (and more modern) look. Unlike blinds, panel blinds do not pull to the top of your door, instead, they can be pulled along the guide channel and stacked neatly. If you have a deep recess in the door, you can even make it almost disappear from view when not in use. Panel blinds are great for sliding glass doors because they are lightweight and easy to operate. They consist of 2 to 10 large fabric panels and are designed to fit snugly against your door. One of the things that make them great for sliding doors is that they are often operated with a simple wand, meaning you won’t have to worry about any pesky cords trying to get in and out of your door.  They also allow great flexibility when it comes to privacy and light control. They can be partially extended along the viewing channel to allow easy access in and out of your home while maintaining the privacy and can be tilted to allow different levels of light to filter through.  Like blinds, they come in a wide range of colors, fabrics, and styles and look great with almost any decor.

Panel blinds:

Panel blinds (or panel vertical blinds as they are sometimes called) provide a modern twist on traditional verticals. Designed to be smoothly adjusted and moved along a series of guide channels, panel blinds are a great choice for sliding doors. Lightweight and easy to operate, these trackers use a smooth-running wand that reduces the risk to children as no chains are needed. For a more subtle look, The Blinds Gallery offers a slim line option with our sliding blinds, allowing you to fit up to 5.8 meters of material right into your window recess. The wider panels used in sliding panel blinds make them the perfect choice for the modern home. Once opened, these blinds stack to look clean and tidy. They are ideal for controlling light and allow you to create an atmosphere in any room in which they are installed.

How much do panel blinds cost?

Panel rail blinds for sliding glass doors and windows are a very cost-effective window treatment solution. The final price you pay is likely to be affected by several factors:

Fabric-panel blinds come in a wide range of fabrics and colors that can be matched with your blinds. Some fabrics will cost more than others, so the price of your paneled sliding blinds depends on the fabric you choose.

Window Size – The size and shape of the windows you plan to cover will affect the total cost you pay. Larger windows require more fabric, so they will be more expensive.

Installation – your designer blinds may need to be professionally installed, this cost will need to be factored into your plans for your project. Check online for commercial sliding glass door repair park ridge il.