Having clog-free pipes and drains is crucial in any home. It can be frustrating to see a pool of water amassing in your sink, especially if it is a common occurrence. This makes it all the more crucial that you keep up with regular residential drain cleaning Platte County NE. In fact, drains should be cleaned every few months, while routine checkups by experts should be done yearly.

It might sound like a better idea for you to complete this task on your own, but it can do more harm than good if you are not careful. One wrong move can be costly. For guaranteed work, it is best to call in an expert like Towers Plumbing for drain cleaning and hydro jetting in Draper, UT. Their team knows how to deal with even the most severe clogs you could be facing.

Chemicals Damage Your Pipes

For many, a chemical like Drano is one of the first things they think of using when they have a backed-up drain. These products are relatively cheap and easy to find at any store. Their labels describe how well they can get rid of even the heaviest amounts of debris, making them seem appealing.

While they may do their job, they can also be harmful. They can sit in your pipes and heat up over time, which then corrodes them. This will weaken your lines and cause cracks or leaks to form. Repeated use will surely mean that you need to get them replaced entirely.

You Might Have the Wrong Tools

Many people like to DIY their home maintenance because it cuts costs. However, even though you can buy tool kits at a hardware store, you still need to learn what you are doing. You cannot be sure that you get out all of the clogs, so there is bound to be some buildup left over. This means you will have another clog to deal with sooner.

Not only that, but if you use the wrong tools, you can add to the damage. Some drain snakes can be too harsh for certain pipe materials, like PVC. Other tools that are made of metal can also be too abrasive for use.

Methods You Can Use

Even though many options can be damaging to your drains, you are not likely to call in for help for minor clogs. Thankfully there are a few safe remedies you can use in these situations:

  • Plungers are reliable for backed-up toilets and work by suctioning to the drain
  • Pouring a mixture of baking soda and vinegar is natural and can also get rid of odors in your sinks
  • Boiling water can break up hard buildups such as grease

If you need a different method, then it is time to call in a plumber to help you.

Plumbers Get the Job Done Right

A plumber has been trained to deal with pesky drains and has the specialized tools necessary to deal with all types of pipeline materials. Towers Plumbing has been around for over 75 years and has seen how much drain cleaning fall river ma systems have evolved. They are constantly adapting their skills to match the needs of their clients in Salt Lake City, Draper, and South Jordan, UT.

When they come in to clean your drains, they will search to see if the problem is due to a small clog or a buildup that is amassed over time. Once they find it, they will extract it with safe methods. If the problem is found in your main water line, they may even hydro jet your systems, which means using pressurized water in your pipes.

Towers Plumbing’s technicians know that the reason some clients choose to do the work themselves is due to costs. However, their services are very affordable, and they have many coupons and financing options that you can take advantage of. Quality Service Club members can save 15% on all services.

You might think getting help with your drain cleaning is unnecessary, but it is truly a worthy investment. Save yourself the hassle and grief of DIY cleanings by calling Towers Plumbing.