Ipe is a form of tropical hardwood, which has begun to gain popularity as an outdoor deck material. Homeowners, builders, architects, and even home designers looking forward to a sustainable wood that can last for many years without weathering have found Ipe to be the best in terms of durability, strength and color.

Attributes and advantages

Incredible durability

With proper installation and maintenance, an Ipe wood deck can last 50+ years. Ipe wood has a dense cell structure filled with natural oils that protect against rotting, insect damage, and splintering. It has an A rating for fire resistance without any additional treatment.

Strength and stability

In terms of strength per unit weight, ipe wood exceeds both concrete and steel by far. Splintering, cupping or twisting are resisted by its density. Ipe barely expands or contracts with changes in humidity or temperature.

Installation and maintenance

Correct installation is necessary for the long life of an ipe hardwood decking Florida. It must be fastened using stainless steel deck screws designed specifically for hardwoods. Traditional screws will snap or strip because ipe is so tough. Often it is necessary to pre-drill before inserting screws.

Ipe has a sort of natural waxy surface that makes it difficult for stains and finishes to adhere properly. The deck must weather for up to four weeks after installation to allow this waxiness to disappear. Proper preparation and finishing are key since water may seep into the wood causing them to cup or stain.

Cost considerations

Ipe deck costs are generally around per square foot.  It is more costly in the beginning, but over time Ipe gives back what a homeowner has invested in it since it resists replacement for many more years beyond which traditional wood decks would have been renewed or replaced completely. Thus, Ipe siding higher initial costs save money compared to recurring replacements and repair of other woods for its total useful life.

Moreover, installation with Ipe requires special drill bits and screws. Nonetheless, these installation premiums go exponentially over time. Fifty years after its installation, Ipe makes sure that one’s deck does not need frequent repairs or restaining let alone replacing.

In conclusion

If you are looking for an attractive, durable, and green decking material; there is no traditional wooden decking material that compared to ipe would offer such service as these materials do lie within this range. Even at a higher premium rate price, this kind of timber has stood unrivaled among its peers due to the unsatisfying cycle of repairs and replacement inherent with other types of decking used worldwide before now.