Regarding your Cedar Falls property’s electrical needs, you demand the best service from a reputable source. Rabe Hardware is the place for dependable and expert electrical services in Cedar Falls. Thanks to a staff of fully certified and insured electricians, they provide a comprehensive selection of solutions to guarantee your electrical systems work safely and effectively.

All-Inclusive Electrical Services

  1. Upgrades to panels and rewiring: Electrical panels that are too old or have defective wiring can be dangerous and waste energy. Professionals can update your board and rewire your home to meet contemporary safety and efficiency requirements.
  2. Electrical Repairs: From flickering lights to circuit breaker troubles, trained electricians can quickly identify and fix electrical faults, guaranteeing your property’s flawless operation.
  3. Standby Generator Installation: Rabe Hardware can help you prepare for unexpected power outages by installing a standby generator. They provide dependable generator choices to power up your property during an emergency.

Choosing Rabe Hardware for Electrical Solutions

  • Safety at priority: Electrical service without carefulness may lead to casualties. The electricians who will visit your home use all kinds of safety techniques so that you may not be affected because of their service.
  • Experience and expertise: electricians have decades of experience and can handle any size electrical project.
  • Customer-Oriented: they cherish clients and endeavor to give them the finest service possible. The first goal is your pleasure.


Rabe Hardware is the place for trusted electrical services in Cedar Falls. Contact us immediately for any of your electrical requirements. You don’t need to wait for any other electrician. If you are facing any issues with electricity, contact Rabe Hardware for all your electrical solutions.