In facilities with a high amount of traffic from heavy vehicles like mobile equipment and forklifts, it is very important to provide a safe working environment in nearby areas of the heavy and fast-moving pieces of machinery. Protecting your workers, building structures and safety from other vehicles couldn’t be a guarantee, making use of safety guard rails or safety bollards that could be used as barriers could lower the chances for an injury or great damage. Guard rails and safety bollards of high quality could provide a great deal of protection both on the outside as well as inside buildings. Other protective equipment could be the speed bumps, car stop curbs and column protectors. When you are considering installing guard rails or bollards in your work environment, it is essential to know what applications each product is designed for.

Safety Guard Rails

It is usually found within warehouses, factories, distribution centres and manufacturing facilities. Industrial guardrails are placed along the interior perimeters of the building and this helps in preventing the damage caused by out of control or improperly driven fork trucks and vehicles. Guard rails could also be placed for protection on the outside of a structure, usually within the areas that see a lot of vehicle traffic like parking lots.

Guard rails that are usually seen on the highway could take impact along with the length of the unit. Industrial guardrails would have more lateral forces. A guard rail that gets bolted to the face of the post is stronger than the drop-in-place sleeve type. Posts could be poured in place or bolts onto surfaces made of concrete to link guard rails together for a continuous run of protection.

Different types of guard rail coatings could be opted for, which include galvanised steel and powder coated yellow. Certain sections of guard rail would require centre posts for additional support. You should check the rated speed requirements when you are selecting the appropriate guard rail system for the facility.

Safety Bollards Barriers

Where guardrails offer protection on a huge level, safety bollards or barriers offer a micro-level of protection. It can prevent damage to machinery and objects to a certain level, bollards are meant to be visual aids to guide traffic and restrict vehicle access to certain areas. Pipe bollards could be placed in tighter curves than a guard rail which would allow enough room for personnel on foot to pass around them.

Different bollards exist for a wide range of applications outside of industrial zones. You could see bollards in use at sporting events, parking garages, till booths, playgrounds and retail storefronts. Smoker’s bollards are hollow steel units and it contains a cigarette disposal unit that has a removable top for ease of emptying. Portable bollards with wheels, spring-loaded bollards etc. could be a recommended model to fill the requirements. You could also gain access to optional accessories that can help in prolonging the service life of the equipment. Bollard caps prevent water from accumulating within the hollow units where it might eventually freeze and permanently damage the bollard.