The GoPro Light Mod’s layout is really straightforward. It’s a simple device around the size of a matchbox that serves as a light on its own or as an attachment to GoPro’s Media Mod wraparound accessory. Read the real mod lighting review below.

Light Mod’s original intent was to provide a means of improving the visibility of scenes in videos, but it has since proven to be of utility in other contexts as well. If you have a GoPro camera, you might find the Light Mod to be beneficial. This LED light packs a lot of punch for its size, and it works with a wide range of GoPro mounts and grips. What follows is a comprehensive explanation of the subject.

Construct and Manipulation

Light Mod is the name of the item in question. It’s much smaller than a matchbox, weighing in at just 25 grammes and measuring in at 40 by 23 by 23 centimetres. Included in this set is a little (3g) silicon cover for the Light Mod that acts as a light diffuser. It softens and spreads out the illumination by dispersing the lightwaves. In addition, a USB-C connection for recharging the Light Mod is included in the box. However, the USB-C port is hidden behind a tiny square flip-up cover that only opens with the press of a button, giving the impression of being over-engineered. It’s watertight to a depth of 10 metres, or 33 feet, and is notoriously difficult to open.

Light Mod may not look like much, but don’t let that fool you; it’s a highly durable device that will be impossible to injure. However, because of its little size, both it and its diffusing cover are prone to being misplaced.

Light Mod

We like that the Light Mod offers two distinct repair paths. The default and built-in approach is to attach the Light Mod to one of the cold shoe mounts atop the GoPro’s Media Mod. However, a little adaptor for mounting a GoPro camera is also supplied. You can attach a chest strap, a head strap, a handlebar adaptor, or a tripod adaptor to your GoPro by sliding this adapter over the camera’s existing cold shoe attachment.

Light Mod requires nothing in the way of setup and has a surprisingly high maximum brightness. Some may find the 5,700 Kelvin colour temperature that Light Mod produces to be excessively cold, but it is undeniably white. The diffuser cover, however, can be used to increase the colour temperature to a more humane 5,000 Kelvin.