Everyone likes smooth, glossy, and shining surfaces like floors in houses, offices, workplaces, and business establishments that create a cleaner look and enhance the beauty of the floors and house.

 When it comes to residential floors, people nowadays prefer polished concrete floors for their interior floors for a good number of reasons, including aesthetics, convenient maintenance, brightness, and light reflectivity.

What are polished concrete floors?

Polished concrete floors are created with the help of versatile concrete material by adding chemical densifiers, i.e., hardeners to fill in the pores and holes in the concrete and then progressively grinding using heavy-duty polishing machines. 

These machines are equipped with progressively finer graded diamond-impregnated discs bonded in a metallic disc matrix. 

You are progressively using more sophisticated diamond polishing tools to expose the concrete to achieve the smoothness, desired sheen, and gloss for your polished concrete floor.

Polished concrete is highly customizable; people choose it extensively for creating stunning residential polished concrete floors.

Polish on the concrete surface can help produce a mirror-like shine and create a texture that may mimic other flooring materials like ceramic tiles, marble, granite, or other stones.

To date, residential polished concrete floors are people’s popular choice as they produce brilliance, create industrial sophistication, and complement contemporary decor for homes that can reflect their lavish lifestyle.

Benefits of polished concrete floors

Apart from providing you architecturally pleasing floors that can be mesmerizingly attractive, residential polished concrete floors have many benefits that make them class ahead of other floorings. 

Due to the usage of modern technology for transforming concrete into a very smooth and aesthetically resilient polished concrete for flooring, you can derive many benefits from its features such as:

  • High Durability and sustainability – residential solid polished concrete floors are not damaged by heavy foot traffic. Remain aesthetically unaffected due to scratches or chips.
  •  Long Life-Span – when properly installed, they stay intact for a much more extended period than carpets, linoleum or wooden floorings, or lamination
  •  Affordable – despite great appearance, residential polished concrete floors are much more economical than other flooring options
  •  Low Maintenance – shine and glaze on polished concrete floors can be easily maintained by inexpensive and straightforward sweeping and mopping to prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt. 
  • Slip Resistant – residential polished concrete floors can be made slip-resistant by adding a non-slip epoxy coating on floors and preventing injuries and falls. 
  • Great thermal conductor – concrete floors go very well with radiant floor heating systems in homes and commercial places
  • Eco-Friendly – most environmentally friendly, polished concrete floors are created, installed, and maintained without using hazardous substances like adhesives, chemicals, cleaners, etc. 
  • Extremely versatile – Unlike ceramic tile or hardwood, polished concrete can be used for residential, commercial, or industrial spaces as a flooring option. Also, it does not permit mold, mildew, or allergens to grow or accumulate on the floor surface

In addition, residential polished concrete floors provide your home with an attractive visual appearance that reflects the sophistication and enhanced aesthetic values.  

Other unmatched features of polished concrete floors include freedom from stains, moisture, abrasion resistance, and lighting ambiance.

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