Many types of foundation damage can occur in a home, and spalling is the most common. Spalling is considered the most dangerous foundation problem because most homeowners fail to recognize that it’s not the cosmetic issue as it seems to be. Although the physical damage during spalling is insignificant, it’s a sign of more severe foundation problems that need to be addressed by the expert foundation repair services in plano. This article discusses the meaning and signs of foundation spalling and how it can be repaired. 

What is Foundation Spalling?

Foundation spalling is the most common foundation damage that occurs when the concrete surface of the crawl space, basement walls, or concrete slab crumbles. Spalling concrete mostly looks like crumbing or flacking on the foundation’s surface and can usually be spotted on the interior of foundation walls or floor. 

Signs of Foundation Spalling

Whenever a homeowner identifies any of these mentioned signs of foundation spalling, they must contact the expert foundation repair services in plano for professional inspection and repair:

  • Flacking or Crumbing

Homeowners can spot flaking, chipping, or crumbling sections of their foundation. In addition, he can even see a web of hairline cracks around the affected foundation’s area.

  • Efflorescence

Efflorescence, also known as salt deposits, is a white staining on the concrete walls that indicates whether the spalling has occurred or is likely to occur. 

  • Moisture Problems

Spalling is usually caused due to moisture problems that can result in damp basements or mold growth. Therefore, high humidity or mold growth in the basement can indicate spalling. Moreover, floor joists can bend due to high moisture in the air. So, if the floors on the first story are unleveled, it may indicate foundation spalling. 

  • Excess Water in the Soil

Hydrostatic pressure in the soil around the building’s foundation is another cause of spalling. Therefore, problems related to excess water in the soil can also indicate spalled foundation. 

  • Other Signs

Some other warning signs of foundation spalling are cracks on the drywalls, stuck doors and windows, cabinets, chimneys, or countertops being pulled away from the walls, wavy roofline, etc. 

How can Foundation Spalling be Fixed?

It’s worthwhile to leave foundation damage issues to the expert foundation repair services in plano. Once a foundation repair specialist inspects the homeowner’s foundation and confirms it’s structurally sound and no reinforcement to the concrete slab or basement walls is required, the repair becomes relatively straightforward.

The professional service providers will remove loose concrete, debris, and efflorescence with a wire brush. Next, they treat rebar to prevent rusting. Lastly, they apply a resurfacing application (concrete mix) all over the affected areas using a putty knife or trowel. Homeowners must keep the solution moist while it sets to ensure the strongest bond with the existing concrete. 


Booking a foundation repair service provider to inspect the foundation is the ideal way to save money when fixing foundation spalling. Even though a professional inspection costs more upfront, it can save homeowners from costly repairs and dangerous structural issues. A foundation repair professional can prevent spalling from recurring or getting worse.