Winters in Utah are always inconsistent, as you are probably already aware. Some years are mild, while others bury you under mounds of snow. Whatever happens, the season is always cold. You’ll turn to your furnace or another source of heat to keep warm.

Despite their importance, furnaces will only function properly if they are correctly maintained. Indeed, several customers have reported that their units refuse to turn on after the first cold spell. This could be due to plenty of factors, but it is often avoidable by prepping your furnace ahead of time. The tips below will help you stay warm this winter, whether you do it yourself or with the help of Method Air’s furnace maintenance in Sandy, UT.

Filter Replacement and Cleaning

When you use a heater to generate warm air, you are also improving the air quality by removing dust and debris. They frequently provide filters for this purpose. After a while, the filters may become overly clogged with grime. This forces dirt back into the air, resulting in insufficient heat and possibly overworking the furnace to the point of failure.

Cleaning filters is simple and can also be done in under 30 minutes. The filter must be removed by opening the filter door. Replace them and make sure they are securely fastened. You can also use a damp cloth or a gentle vacuum to clean your filters. After replacing your filters, make sure the door is securely closed.

Inspect the Intake Pipe

One of the most important components of a furnace system is the intake pipe; it is critical in providing consistent and appropriate heat delivery throughout the winter months. It aids in the movement of air into the furnace chamber, allowing it to produce heat as efficiently as possible.

Because of its location, the intake pipe is frequently clogged by debris such as leaves or dirt. A clogged pipe can cause a fire as well as obstruct heating. More extensive material, such as twigs, is often easy to remove, but hiring a company like Method Air may provide a more thorough pipe cleaning. Please notify them if you discover any fractures in the line.

Temperature Regulators

Because you want to stay warm all winter, your first instinct may be to turn up the heat on your furnace as high as possible. Unfortunately, this will overwork the system and raise energy costs. Consider the household size, type of building insulation, windows, and other air infiltration sources when calculating the optimal temperature.

Weatherizing other aspects of your home may allow you to lower your thermostat even further. To prevent drafts, install weather strips on your windows and doors. It would help if you also cleaned out your gutters to keep snow and ice from accumulating. The temperature of your water heater, like that of your furnace, should be controlled for optimal performance.

Obtain an Annual Exam

Aside from your own labor, having an HVAC professional come in for a periodic maintenance check is the best care you can give your furnace. Residents in Draper, South Jordan, and Sandy, UT, turn to Method Air for this service.

The technique that Method Air uses to guarantee your furnace is running perfectly includes inspecting the most minor parts and tightening wires. By working on those little details, they are able to do a more thorough inspection than most. Their technicians are trained to work with all styles of furnaces so that they can provide satisfaction to any client that calls them.

Even outside of routine tuneups, Method Air can provide you with assistance. There are plenty of factors that can cause your furnace installation avon oh to act less than efficiently, and they will be there to discover the source. Whether it be a scheduled appointment, or on a weekend at midnight, a technician will be on call.

When the snow hits, the least of your worries should be your furnace. By getting a headstart on its care, your home can remain a place of comfort all season long—Call Method Air to help you get ready.