After Greater London, the West Midlands is the second-most populated county with nearly 3 million people. While the West Midlands themselves was only organized as a metropolitan county in 1974, it does combine several well-established cities that have existed for many centuries.

For those who are looking to find a home in this part of England, there are five areas that provide the cheapest in real estate prices. This means that the following areas are great for buying or selling houses in the West Midlands or those who are simply on a budget.


Until the formation of the West Midlands, Dudley was a local government district. It is also an ancient borough with a rich history. And while Dudley may no longer have the prominence it once did, the borough is still quite popular for those looking to work near the city center.

If you want to live in the Dudley area, the average price for a home is £180,300. Dudley offers good commuting to the rest of the West Midlands, ample shopping, and its own history which can be found in the homes, parks, and churches in the region.


One of the more densely populated areas of the West Midlands, Sandwell was named after Sandwell Priory. It consists of six towns that were all combined into one. Sandwell is located near the center of the West Midlands bordering Wolverhampton and Walsall.

Here, the average price for a home is £151,500. As with most of the West Midlands, Sandwell offers good commuting thanks to the public transportation and highway system. It also has good shopping opportunities and is perfect for young couples looking for a starter home.


Located on the east side of the West Midlands, Coventry has been around for many centuries, although it was not incorporated until the Middle Ages. With a population of just under 317,000, it is the second largest community in the West Midlands.

The average price for a home in Coventry is £184,500, which makes it about middle of the road for cheaper real estate opportunities. Coventry is further away from the city center, but it does offer good shopping and plenty of activities that help make it a thriving community.


Birmingham is the center and metropolitan borough of the West Midlands. Boasting the second largest population of any city in the UK. This thriving metropolis of over one million within the city area and 3.6 million in the general metropolitan community, Birmingham is quite impressive for any community in England.

If you are shopping for an inexpensive home in Birmingham, the average cost is £187,200. The advantages start with location as you are dead center within the West Midlands, making it perfect for community. There are also numerous shopping opportunities and activities the year-round.


There is much to be said about properties in Wolverhampton, one of the more prominent communities in the West Midlands area. The homes in Wolverhampton are the lowest priced with an average home selling for £151.500 which is tied with Sandwell. This makes Wolverhampton quite attractive when it comes to purchasing a property for the first time.