Water is one of the most precious items in Australia and for that, it is also expensive. Therefore, there should be no reason to be wasteful as far as usage is concerned. In case of severe damage to the water system, of course you need to have it fixed by a pro like a plumber Kogarah tradesman or else, replace some parts if it’s only a minor damage.

However, there are water-saving habits doable with some self-discipline and you can adopt all of them whether you are a student, a home-maker or an office worker who uses water every day.

These Plumbing Tips Can Lower Your Water Bills

  1. Fix leaky taps.

If you notice continuous dripping, inform your landlord immediately if you’re a boarding student or contact your company service provider if the tap in your office has been leaking for some time. As a home-maker, it is imperative to call the plumber nearest you.

Leaks that are hidden are one of the biggest reasons for an unexpected increase in bills. If not resolved fast, it will only spike up your water bill. Further, leaks can cause mould growth which is not really good for your health.

  1. Use a washing machine with a full load.

Increase your wash load and you decrease your water bill. This is because with a half-load, the machine will still use the same amount of water as when washing a full load. This is easily done in a home but when you’re in a boarding apartment, you don’t have to wait for your dirty laundry to get pile-high. Instead, you can share the load with your roommate.

  1. Use a dishwasher with a full load.

Don’t hand-wash your dishes. Using a dishwasher is more economical but like the washing machine, wash dishes only with a full load. The modern dishwashers we have today are generally energy-efficient which necessitate only less water.

Then again, if you don’t have such an efficient device, you can hand-wash by using a wash bowl instead with a size smaller than the sink so that you would need just less water. And then you can splash the used water to clean the dusty driveway or any equipment that needs some cleaning.

  1. Boil water enough for your needs.

Overfilling the kettle can just be wasteful, and perhaps you might only be needing a cupful of your favourite hot morning drink. This way, you don’t just save water but also time and electricity. If you need another hot cup later on, store your boiled water in a thermo bottle.

  1. Shorten your shower time.

In stricter terms, a shower should be much shorter than a bath but then anyone who does more than 15 minutes of washing up at least twice on a daily basis can also cause your bill to rise. Another thing, you don’t need to run the taps while still brushing your teeth or soaping your hand.

There are still more practical habits out there that can minimise your monthly bills, for instance, by switching to cost-saving products such as the modern-day showerheads and toilet flushers though not everyone can afford to buy them. Hence, you must be prudent in using water at all times.