But what about the things you would require if you came down with a very severe case of the flu or severe cold and were forced to stay in bed for many days? If you are sick enough that you can’t go to work or school, then you have no business going to the store to buy supplies and medication while coughing and sneezing all over the other customers in the store.


Studies have shown that influenza viruses transmit easily through tissues and can survive on surfaces in your home for up to eight hours. Because of this, you should make sure that you have some surface cleaners, disinfectants, and paper towels at home. After using tissues, it is important to remember to put them away in the garbage and to wash your hands. It is essential to maintain the cleanliness of surfaces (particularly bedside tables, bathroom surfaces, kitchen countertops, and toys for children) by wiping them down with a household cleaner in accordance with the instructions that are provided on the product label.

In addition to that, you will require dish soap and laundry detergent. Dishes, dining utensils, and linens that have been used by a sick person do not need to be cleaned in a separate sink thereafter; however, you should not share these items without first washing them. It is recommended that eating utensils be cleaned either in a dishwasher or by hand with water and soap after each use. After you have washed your sheets and towels in the washing machine, put them in the dryer in the highest heat setting. This will kill the influenza virus.

Maintaining a Healthy Diet and Hydration Levels

When you’re feeling under the weather, some of the healthiest fluids to consume are water, tea, and broth. If you’re suffering from vomiting and diarrhea, staying hydrated by drinking a lot of fluids can help you avoid becoming dehydrated, which can be a serious health risk. Consuming fluids can also assist in relieving congestion, thinning down mucus, and assisting the body in flushing out toxins that are contributing to your illness. When you have a medical condition that causes you to become dehydrated easily, you should steer clear of consuming coffee and other beverages that contain a lot of caffeine. Alcohol use can also result in dehydration and may further exacerbate inflammation, which can prolong the duration of an illness.

You may add some excitement to the process of ensuring that you are drinking enough water each day. A sick day can be brightened up with some color and variety with the help of water bottles and tumblers (like the ones sold by zak!). These cups come in a range of colors, styles, and sizes, and each one is carefully engineered to keep your water ice cold for a number of hours. Because of this, it is suitable for use by both young children and adults.

When you’re not feeling well, you should focus on eating nutritious foods like fruits, vegetables, fish, and whole grains. These kinds of wholesome, whole foods are loaded with all kinds of vitamins and nutrients that can speed up the healing process and get you back to normal in no time. They have the added benefit of boosting your immune system, which can assist you in warding off future diseases or alleviating severe symptoms.

Make informed decisions about what you eat based on how you’re feeling. Avoid eating things that are oily, salty, or spicy if you are experiencing vomiting since these types of foods may make your nausea worse. If you have a sore throat, you should limit your diet to foods that are warm, soft, and soothing, such as soup or mashed potatoes.

Stay Home

Tempting as it may be to go out and run a few errands on your sick day, stay at home! You are sick, first and foremost, and you shouldn’t expose anyone else to your germs. Not only is this unsafe, but it’s also rude! What would you think if the person across the isle at the grocery store was obviously sick with the flu?

You should always use the days you take off for illness to rest and recuperate to ensure your bodt has enough strength to heeal and come back not only better than it was, but ready to fight whatever germs may come its way in the future.

If you do have to go out (to the doctor or ER), wear a mask or other face overing to help stop the spread of germs. Many offices now have either separate waiting rooms for sick patients, or they allow you to wait in your car until your appointment. Because of this, doctor’s offices are helping to reduce the spread of germs in their office, as well as helping their patients get better faster.

Call the Doctor!

As long as your symptoms aren’t severe, most seasonal illnesses, such as the flu, COVID-19, and the common cold, will go away on their own. If your symptoms get worse or if your disease doesn’t improve within a reasonable amount of time, you should probably make an appointment with a medical professional.

You should go to the emergency hospital if you have any of the urgent warning symptoms of a flu-related illness. If you become sick with symptoms of the flu and are at a higher risk of flu complications or if you are concerned about your sickness, call your healthcare provider to ask for assistance.

Immediately make an appointment with your primary care physician if any of the following symptoms occur:

  • Having trouble with one’s breathing
  • A fever that has been present for more than four days.
  • Constant episodes of lightheadedness, bewilderment, and difficulty waking up
  • Seizures
  • Not urinating
  • Severe muscle pain
  • a severe lack of strength or instability
  • Uneasy and shallow breaths
  • Feelings of constant pressure or discomfort in the chest or abdomen

The majority of people who are sick with a cold or the flu recover in a matter of days and are able to resume their normal activities. There is, therefore, no need for you to freak out if you find yourself bedridden with a fever and a coughing fit. Just make yourself comfortable on the couch with some soup, your zak! tumbler filled with water and your go-to television show. You won’t have to wait long before you start to feel better! Go to www.zak.com to browse the full range of zak! tumblers and receive more information on how you can get your hands on one.