It’s no shocker that just investing in a good property solves and satisfies all your dreams of making a house your home. The modern housing market nowadays demands more interior decor than anything else. Aesthetic yet compact and suitable home decor pieces are what make a home appealing and modern, and that is where Greenhouse Decor comes to the scene. They serve some of the best high-end and bespoke furniture pieces to add just the right amount of finesse to your home. Located in the heart of Australia, this firm is your one-stop solution for everything wood and decor.

Wardrobes are an essential part of the furniture, but what seems more convenient, durable, and space-saving are shelving units. Greenhouse provides minimalistic and versatile custom made shelving unit. Most of these are made entirely from Tasmanian Oak, contributing to the long life of the custom-made shelving unit. Levels and tiers get narrower at the top than at the bottom, making them appealing for display. These shelving units can be customised according to your accommodation requirements, size, and colour. Also, these custom-made shelving units can be used for displaying anything from books to decor to plants, as they have enough space between all levels to allow air and water to flow.

Apart from the basics, bespoke and high-end furniture pieces are what look the most aesthetic. Greenhouse serves just the right varieties ranging from dining tables, bar cabinets, bookshelves, cupboards, side tables, writing desks, lamps, pot stands, planters, and much more. All these bespoke high-end furniture pieces are designed to serve as statement pieces. The inspiration behind such pieces is very deep, and they thus come across as really high-end and attractive once placed in your home.

The bespoke high end furniture pieces sold at Greenhouse are customizable and made with the finest wood, serving a long and durable life. Many pieces are ready to use, while almost all of these are flat-packed for delivery across Australia and can be assembled at home as and when required. Selling simple, compact, comfortable yet exceptionally durable bespoke high-end furniture is the motto at Greenhouse Decor.


Greenhouse Decor makes it very convenient for its customers by offering flat-packed and ready-to-assemble home decor pieces. Made from the purest form of suitable wood, its custom-made shelving units and bespoke high-end furniture are the most trending pieces sold at a convenient rate across the country. Long-lasting and luxurious pieces are its main forte, and it turns your house into a well-furnished modern home.