We all enjoy the convenience of using lifts, but most of us are clueless when it comes to installing a new lift: where would it best fit? The placement of your lift is extremely important, as people will need to use it all the time. Would you want your lift to provide access to all areas and floors of your building or would you rather restrict access to only a few chosen ones? Which would be the best room to install your lift in? If you need a lift installation process, West Coast Elevators can provide you the best.

Whether you need a lift for your home or a commercial building, answering these questions would enable you to find the ideal solution to cater to your needs.

As lifts bring a wealth of benefits, many people choose to install one in their homes. This decision can significantly improve the life of physically impaired individuals, as it would enable them to move around their house with ease. Even healthy and fit people can benefit from installing a dumb waiter in their home to move bulky items or laundry baskets that are difficult to carry up and down the stairs. 

The Stairwell

The stairwell is the first location that comes to mind when it comes about installing a lift. The location of the staircase is one of the main concerns of architects and builders, as it needs to be practical and seamlessly integrated into the overall home design. This is one of the reasons why the stairwell or the adjacent area can make the perfect lift location.

Spiral staircases or staircases that feature a right angle turn by their middle section can easily host an elevator shaft into the space resulting from this configuration. This solution is not only very elegant, but also incredibly practical, as it takes very little space to put into practice. Just make sure to pick materials that match your staircase design, to enjoy a beautiful design blend.

Areas Adjacent To Core Rooms

Another commonly used location to install a lift is the area near or inside the most frequently accessed rooms in the house such as bedrooms, kitchens, and living rooms. This location can enhance your quality of life by supporting your comfort and your independence. This is a great way for physically impaired people to save their strength and their time to spend on things they love most.

Once you’ve decided to install a home lift, you need to identify the best location for this. Practical reasons call for installing lifts in a corner, to prevent them from becoming obstacles in your way. If, for instance, you want a lift to connect your garage to the other areas of your house, you need to choose an easily accessible location, with plenty of room around.

From an aesthetic standpoint, you can choose whatever area that works for you. The only thing to take care about is the design of your lift. As long as it doesn’t stand out peculiarly, you should be just fine with any shape or design. There are many lift designs available, so you’ll surely find the one to complement your space to perfection.