Despite Europe suffering from an economic crisis in the past, post-pandemic events have proved to be fruitful for the economy as the European real estate market has proved to become stronger over the years – and we must be prepared for it. 

International investors are still being bullish about the prospects, which is driving further growth into several European property markets. Although there is a post-Brexit uncertainty, big cities like Birmingham and London continue to remain on an upward trajectory. In that case, what would that mean for you if you are planning to purchase a property in Europe, and what can you expect on returns?

In the past year, we have seen the increasing property prices in Europe as investors continue to flock to the markets, especially in cities like Dublin, Rotterdam, Zagreb, Berlin, and Lisbon. This is good news for all the wealthy investors but still brings challenges to the table for investors that are just starting out in the field. 

Whether residential or commercial, the real estate market in Europe is very expensive and yet despite all that, the country continues to attract investors from all over the globe. And while it is expensive, the real estate offers them a cash yield and, for some people, a net rental income worth a few percent which is a high return in comparison to the zero interest that is usually offered on other assets. 

In reality, there are many emerging markets right now that are in trouble with their reducing growth rates, lower commodity prices, turmoil and volatilities in currencies. This is why wealthy investors are turning towards Europe and as a result, it is driving the rental prices in some of the major cities in the place. 

In general, the property markets are performing well with a good amount of international capital flow, and in essence, the real estate is equal to a secured bond – with that being said, there is potential in Europe for better economic results and higher inflation that can influence your investments. 

More of this can be seen by the contributions made by Nomad Capital, a revered real estate investment, development, and promotion company. The company was founded in 2018 by Alexandre Mansour, who was originally the Managing Partner at the French Desk Capital Management in New York City. It was founded as a Spinoff of Optylon Group, a company that was initially set up in 2014 by Mansour and his other partners. 

The company’s core activities revolve around acting as local development partners for international institutional investors who are looking to establish a presence in Portugal. 

Moreover, it also supports the sourcing, development, marketing, and other aspects of high-end resorts and residential projects. Additionally, the company focuses on marketing its projects directly to its consumers via online and digital platforms or through an international network of brokers and agents. This way, the company is able to handle most of the elements of the value chain of the development, from financial and market studies to architectural and engineering projects.