Termite infestation can wreak havoc on your property. It is important to understand effective termite control techniques to allow you to control them before they get out of hand. The first step to ensuring that termite infestation does not make life unbearable for you is to learn how to identify them before the situation gets of hand. Most people are never aware of the infestation until when they have caused great harm to their property. Always examine exposed wood for hollow spots and try to see whether you can identify a termite swarm.

How to Prevent Termite Infestations

Instead of waiting until that time when you can only get rid of termites through the assistance of a professional, it is wise to learn several simple ways to keep termites away. Besides, prevention is always cheaper than cure. The following tips and techniques have always proved reliable in preventing termite infestation.

Getting Rid of Moisture

Moisture provides a conducive environment for termites to thrive. In other words, it is a perfect condition for most pests, including termites. Therefore, getting rid of wet or moist conditions from your home can play a significant role in termite control. If you live in a high humidity environment, you may want to consider investing in a dehumidifier. During the summer, you can switch to air conditioners to maintain a cool and dry environment that prohibits the infestation of termites and other similar pests.

Declutter your Home

One of the mistakes that many homeowners make is failing to get rid of unwanted items. A congested home is not only less attractive but also a safe haven for different types of pests. Therefore, even if you hire a professional termite control expert, it will be imperative to ensure that you get rid of the stuff you do not need. Also, if one of your rooms has been attacked by termites, you need to ensure that you do not transfer items from the affected room to another as that will spread the termites.

Maintain a Distance between Wood and Soil

It is also important to ensure that there is a reasonable distance between soil and wood. Keeping a distance between wood and soil will discourage termites from launching an attack on the wood and hence breeding. You can use cement or stones to separate soil from the wooden area in your garden. Additionally, it is wise to use borate on wood before painting or priming. Experts believe that borate is one of the best termite repellents.

Place Infected Items in the Sun

If you realize that you already have a termite infestation in your home, it will be good to place the affected items in the sun. For instance, if you realize that furniture has been attacked by termites, putting them in the sun can help eliminate them. However, this technique can only work during summer and this, therefore, means that the best approach is to get the services of a professional pest exterminator. Reasonable termite control should help you get rid of the termites and advise you on preventing future infestations.

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