Nothing is more aggravating than seeing how much you owe on your monthly bills. Sometimes the bottom line can look ridiculous. This problem is often most seen in the wintertime when the need for warmth in all forms is vital. You might not realize it, but both your HVAC and plumbing systems can be the culprit to your problems. Through a few simple steps, you will be able to use all of your appliances without having to worry about breaking the bank.

Replace Your Water Heater

Water heaters provide plenty of benefits. They provide hot water for daily tasks, such as cleaning, cooking, or showering. Most standard models include tanks, which need to be fully heated before giving you the water you are looking for. This can take up a lot of energy and time.

Tankless water heaters, on the other hand, provide you with hot water in an instant. This means that they are only sometimes running. They also have a longer lifespan than their counterparts and require less maintenance. Because they don’t take time to heat up, they can also help you cut your waste on the water!

To get a tankless water heater installation in Bountiful, UT, done right, you should call in the assistance of Valley Plumbing. It can be a challenging job to do on your own, and if your unit is not installed correctly, you won’t get the hot water you are searching for.

Insulate Your Pipes

The winter can cause extensive damage to your pipelines. When the temperature drops, it can cause piping to contract or freeze, both of which lead to damage such as cracks or clogs. It can also cause the hot water running through pipes to become cold by the time it comes through your tap, leading to higher energy use.

Insulating pipes can minimize heat loss over long distances, allowing hot water to stay hotter for longer and eliminating the need for additional energy for reheating. You may also notice additional advantages such as less noise suction from pipes, longer life expectancy, and a lower risk of freezing during the cold months.

Clean Your Heating Units Regularly

As soon as the temperature drops, we are prone to turning on our heaters and furnaces for comfort. Many units include filters that are used to help keep dust and debris from floating in the air, which helps to promote air quality. However, if they become clogged with too much debris, your furnace will need to use more power to provide you with relief.

Filters should be cleaned every few months to avoid this problem from occurring. It is a fairly simple process that you can do on your own. If it’s a disposable air filter, remove the old one and replace it with a new one. If you have a reusable filter, you must vacuum it or use a special FPR-rated filter cleaning before reinstalling it in the furnace.

Routine Inspections

Even though there are many ways for you to handle your own maintenance work, calling in experts for annual checkups on all of your units guarantees that you get the proper help you need. Not only do they have the right tools for the job, but they can help you choose the most effective products for the job.

Valley Plumbing can handful any of your plumbing maintenance needs without hesitation. Since 2011, residents in Salt Lake City, Lehi, and Bountiful, UT, have counted on them to alleviate some of their major winter stressors. Outside of annual checkups, they are sure to be there for you when you are suffering an emergency at any time of day.

Being able to save you money is important to them, so along with their energy-efficient installations, they have fantastic financing options to take advantage of. By joining their Quality Service Club, you can save 15% on all types of work!

Wintertime comes with enough troubles as it is, and your bills should not be adding to that. For help on your water heaters and pipelines during the chilly season, contact Valley Plumbing immediately.