Using the toilet is one of the most routine activities you will do on a daily basis. It is a necessary part of life that cannot be put off, ignored, or postponed. In the United States, it is common to have a basic toilet that necessitates the use of toilet paper afterward. Europeans and many other nations, however, employ a different approach.

Their toilets frequently include bidets that spray water when a person sits or straddles it. This allows you to clean your bottom and genital regions swiftly. Though it was formerly thought to be a novel idea in the United States, a growing number of households are exploring it for themselves.

But are bidets genuinely worth the money? As you read, you will learn about all of this technology’s significant advantages. When you’re through, throw away the toilet paper and install a toilet bidet from Swan Toilets.

Clogging Is Less Common

One of the most troublesome elements of modern toilets is how readily they may become clogged. Since their drain is just around two inches in diameter, heavier heaps of toilet paper or waste can become trapped, and you’ll need to use a plunger straight once.

Because bidets eliminate the need for more toilet paper, you are less likely to experience this problem when flushing. For wiping down anything that the bidet’s air dryer cannot handle, a few squares will be necessary.


Notwithstanding the fact that numerous toilet paper brands claim to be soft, they may annoy certain people. Because the tissue is dry, continuous application may irritate your skin. Worse, if you already have a problem, such as hemorrhoids or an anal fissure, using toilet tissue may feel impossible.

Bidet water may be soothing for many conditions, especially because many allow you to adjust the pressure level. Swan Toilets’ bidet even has a heated seat to make the whole thing more tolerable.

Better Results

The most important component of a toilet visit is cleanliness since leftover germs or bacteria can cause a range of problems. Wiping your intimate parts with toilet paper is more likely to spread germs than to eradicate them. The bidet’s water hits the particular places that need to be sanitized, resulting in a more thorough cleaning.

Water, which cleans blood more efficiently than toilet paper, can also make going to the bathroom more comfortable during menstruation. This is crucial since remaining blood can cause UTIs or other infections.

Spending Less

The cost of living is constantly rising, which may be quite stressful. Whether it’s our bills or the products we buy at the store, there’s always a surprise that’s impossible to plan for. Without our understanding, our toilets might be a big source of cost. Most conventional toilets can consume up to seven gallons of water each flush, leading to high water bills.

Using a bidet, including the one from Swan Toilets, can help you save water. This is because the toilet you installed is contemporary and engineered to be water-efficient, employing just 1.5 gallons every flush. In addition to that, you’ll save several hundred dollars on toilet paper every year.

Swan Toilets’ Bidet Is Changing the Game

Many homeowners express a desire to never return to their former toilets or bathroom habits after installing a bidet. While there are other options, Swan Toilets provides one-of-a-kind inventive technology. They aim to take you and your visitors on an exciting journey to the bathroom.

The Swan S Pro is completely hands-free, so you won’t have to worry about leaving your hands dirty. You’ll feel like royalty in the bathroom, from the bidet’s spraying water to the seat’s automatic shutting. The toilet even purifies itself, enabling you to check off one of the more onerous jobs off your to-do list. All you have to do is use the remote control.

In many other countries, a bidet is the standard choice, and it is now finding its way to the United States. Why not make the move into something more appealing? If you want to travel in elegance and flair, consider Swan Toilets.