One of the essential steps in carpet cleaning is drying the carpet completely. Your carpet can also get wet in case of flooding or due to a leaking water pipe or faucet. Thoroughly drying your carpet not only prevents mold and mildew but also helps preserve the quality of your carpet by preventing fading and other damage. Here are reasons why you should always completely dry your carpet before you set it back down after cleaning.

  • To Avoid Trapping of Mold and Mildew In Carpet Fibers

Dampness is a breeding ground for both mold and mildew. Mold can cause respiratory problems, but most people are more concerned about its unattractive appearance. Mold is one of those icky things that grows quite well in dark, damp places. While you may not want it there—mold and mildew will grow on your carpet fibers if you leave them wet for long periods. Therefore, by drying your carpet completely before you lay it back down, you avoid these nasty things from growing where you do not want them.

To minimize your exposure to the harmful mold and mildew, you y have to ensure your carpets dry out entirely before laying them back down again. An easy way to do that? Use a powerful shop vac with plenty of suction power for maximum effectiveness! However, you can contact carpet cleaning playa vista experts to help eliminate any contamination with specialized tools and expertise. If you suspect any contamination, go ahead and call a reputable company to take care of it immediately.

  • To Prevent Premature Aging of Your Carpet

If you want your carpet to look new for as long as possible, completely drying it can help stave off early aging and lessen the damage. If your carpet gets frequent spillages for long without deep cleaning and further drying it ultimately, it won’t be long before you start seeing premature wear and tear. For example, you might notice that some parts of your carpet are more prone to fraying or matting. These areas will dry slower than others because they get less exposure to air.

As a result, the patches become damp instead of properly dry—and there lies their undoing! The solution to the problem is regular professional cleaning, particularly with steam cleaning and ensuring your carpet gets completely dry to avoid permanent damage and lingering smells.

  • To Help Maintain The Appearance of Your Carpet

One thing you want to make sure of before letting your carpet installers do their work is that you’ve completely dried your carpet before they lay down any padding or carpeting. If there’s even a hint of moisture left behind, it can cause mold and mildew growth – which will permanently affect how well your floors look. It could even result in a full-blown mold infestation if you cannot handle it properly. 

However, the weather may not be favorable to dry your carpet outside at times. You can consider using ventilation fans and humidifiers to help dry the air around the wet carpet in such a case. Consider hiring an industrial dehumidifier for a few days if it’s raining. Otherwise, if you have time, let your rug dry thoroughly on its own.

  • Your Carpet Feels Soft and Comfortable When Dry

Letting your carpet dry completely prevents it from feeling damp and sticky underfoot. On the other hand, a clean and dry carpet may feel soft and fluffy. When installing a new carpet, don’t be afraid to let it air out and dry thoroughly before setting it back. Depending on how wet things get, drying your moist carpet can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Also, remember: carpets with thick piles don’t necessarily have absorbent fibers.

Drying time varies by fiber content just as much as manufacturer quality! A soft surface is always desirable on any floor covering, especially on a carpet with comfy and fluffy fibers. If you leave your carpet moist for too long after cleaning, those fibers begin to feel sticky and stiff until they dry out again.

  • It Smells Better When Dry

Moisture trapped in your carpet can cause an odor that permeates your home. The more prolonged water sits in a floor rug, particularly one that is not clean, the more it can smell. The moist carpet produces a stale smell due to mold and mildew formation when excess moisture seeps into deeper carpeting layers. Without completely drying your carpets after steam cleaning, you run a higher risk of permanently damaging them as well as creating foul odors that will be difficult to get rid of in your home.


If you plan on setting your carpet back into place, it’s in your best interest to make sure that it’s dry to the very last drop of moisture before installation. While some homeowners may attempt to rush drying time, doing so could result in water or moisture damage. If you want a smooth installation process and long-lasting, effective performance from your new carpeting, be sure not to skip over-drying. However, professional carpet cleaning experts have tools and strategies at their disposal explicitly designed for extracting every bit of moisture from carpets. You can contact Green Carpet’s Cleaning for professional carpet cleaning beyond your expectations.