We use Candles only to symbolize our magic through their flames. Fire is the symbol of the mental plane and activity. The act of lighting the Candle for the Guardian Angel is the way to activate your request and take it to the ethereal plane. In biblical texts, God manifested himself to Moses in the form of fire.

This practice aims to activate, keep alive, and symbolize the link between our thoughts and desires with the angelic world through the manifestation of our Higher Self. In the flame of a Candle, all the forces of nature are present. The lit candle symbolizes the individualization of the ascending life and the light of the soul.

Why use Colored Candles in your Guardian Angel’s anchor? 

Because our aura is colored and when we visualize a certain color, our brain acts so that the aura reflects it. It is through this alchemical process that the angel will capture and understand our requests. See the Anchoring and Precipitation page for the symbolism of each color. This is the first link with the angels. When lighting 7 days candles, it is possible to identify some messages that they can give us –

  • Candle that does not light properly: The Angel may be having trouble grounding. The astral around you may be polluted.
  • Candle burning with blue light: Indicates the presence of Angels and Fairies. It is a good sign.
  • F lame: The angel demonstrates that, due to circumstances, your request will have some changes.
  • Flame that up and down: You are thinking about several things at once. Your mind can be a bit tumultuous.
  • Flame that releases sparks into the air: The Angel will put someone on your path to communicate what you want. You may have some kind of disappointment before the order is placed.
  • Flame that looks like a spiral: Your requests will be fulfilled. The Angel is already taking your message.
  • Wick that split in two: The request was made in a dubious way.
  • Bright wick tip: You will be very lucky and successful in your order.
  • Candle that cries a lot: The Angel finds it difficult to carry out his request.
  • A little wick is left and the wax is present: Your Angel is in need of more prayers.

How to light 7 days candle

There is no secret or special tip for knowing how to light one of these candles. All you need to do is set up a small altar in your home, remembering your request and light that candle on that altar. If you want to reach a request for someone else, you must place his or her photo next to the candle, if it is a request for you, you must place your photo next to the candle as well. Imagine that you want to remove negative energies from a couple. You must put one photo of each element of that couple. Light the candle normally and go there every day praying for the realization of your grace. You can light the candle in any room of your house, the important thing here is your faith and not where you light it.