As traditional cabinets continue to bill themselves as the biggest and most unique cabinetry brands ever heard of, distressed-style cabinetry designs poise to surpass modern cabinets as the most searched cabinet designs. 

Note that distressed cabinets are distinguishable symbols of traditional fashion. The degree to which modern cabinets dominate the world of interior design is currently high. For this reason, it would be interesting to see traditional-style cabinets like distressed kitchen cabinets get different taglines.

This article reviews the question of whether or not distressed cabinets will trend as expected in 2024. 

About Distressed Kitchen Cabinets 

As far as the popularity of kitchen cabinets in 2023 was concerned, no cabinetry designs did better than distressed cabinets, traditional-style cabinet designs that recaptured the title of the world’s most iconic cabinets. 

Generally speaking, distressed kitchen cabinets seem nothing less than iconic when examined from the perspective of not only their weathered-wood outlooks but also functional values. While they are traditional cabinets, they can match the aesthetics of several modern kitchen designs. 

For many years to come, distressed-style cabinets are bound to trend for various reasons, including the following; 

  • Classic Trends Are Back to Fashion

Arguably, the more modern homeowners consider traditional cabinets as unique types of cabinets, the more statement-making classic cabinets like distressed cabinets are expected to win big in terms of popularity.

  • Distressed Cabinets are Irreplaceable

Unlike a variety of cabinet designs, for example, farmhouse and shaker cabinets, distressed kitchen cabinets boast no look-alike. For this reason alone, they are globally considered the most unique cabinetry designs. Thanks to their uniqueness, distressed-style cupboard designs will trend for as long as possible. 

  • Natural Wood Cabinets are Trending

Among cabinet designs expected to trend massively in 2024, natural wood cabinets are the most searched. Because they are trending, wood cabinets are expected to catapult distressed cabinet designs to popularity. Well, who doesn’t know the fact that distressed cabinet designs are mostly wood-based? 

How to Find Distressed Kitchen Cabinets in 2024

Believe it or not, finding distressed kitchen cabinets will prove easier throughout 2024 compared to the previous year. Because distressed cabinets are as of now hugely demanded, manufacturers are bound to craft them in terms of masses. 

In the process of finding distressed cabinets to buy, however, you may have to try doing the following; 

  • Talking to interior design professionals
  • Conducting market research on online and offline cabinet-selling platforms
  • Visiting auction avenues online and offline

Final Thoughts

Because they are some of the unquestionable symbols of classic interior design fashion, distressed kitchen cabinets are expected to trend massively in 2024. Have you ever wished to own them? If yes, your time has come!