Nowadays, homeowners want modular kitchens to ease their experience while cooking. Modular kitchens with modern cabinets will increase the space’s convenience along with utilizing every area more effectively. Today, you will find a range of cabinets to spruce up your kitchen. These cabinets are made in different parts and assembled at your convenience. Their dismantling and reassembling process is also very easy and less time-consuming. But what matters the most in this entire cabinet making and installation process is their material, for the final result depends on the material. 

So, let us explore the most popular material options in cabinets. 

Wooden cabinets

It might get expensive, but using wood is a great choice for modular cabinets. The overall design is enhanced by the presence of knots and splinters in the wood. But there’s always a problem of termites with wood, so it is important to treat it in advance so that your cabinets remain unaffected in the future. You can also have fixtures added to them as per requirements. 


This material is commonly used these days for making furniture of various kinds. It is usually finished with layers of veneers on it. Depending on your choice of veneers and designs, it can get a bit expensive. The best variations of plywood that can be used in the kitchens are marine grade and boiling water-resistant sheets. Avoid using commercial plywood since it doesn’t offer significant longevity. 


Medium-density fiberboard is an ultimate product made from gluing small wooden fibers with resin, which is further hot-pressed. It is a budget-friendly option to pick and can be completed with any type of finish on top of it. It also offers pretty good resistance against termites. 

Particle board

This is one of the cheapest options you can explore. These boards are made with sawdust and wasted wood. However, it is not as durable as other above-mentioned materials. But it can hold sufficient weight as compared to its own weight. It should be used in the areas where low cooking is involved. 


PVC is an affordable solution that involves low maintenance. It can be easily cleaned, and one can choose from its hollow boards and foam options. If you are looking for some sturdy options for your kitchen, then this is the one. 

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